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Corporate Profile Quadrant Newmedia is a private Canadian-owned contract internet software development company. Quadrant was incorporated in 1995 by two computer science graduate students, to provide clients with access to emerging internet based technologies, and to develop custom internet services and software applications for those clients. We maintain an excellent level of knowledge in this knowledge-based industry, and all programming staff have at least an honours degree in computer science, in addition to constant ongoing development and training.

Quadrant Newmedia is focused on the design and delivery of enterprise-quality internet solutions, including advanced managed UNIX hosting solutions (such as web-based, SSL-encrypted email, and secure database hosting); enterprise-grade, BGP-multihomed dedicated internet access; and n-tier web application development, using tools such as Java, Perl, WebObjects, Postgres and Oracle.
Quadrant Newmedia has consistently been a market leader, in many cases offering services to Saskatchewan businesses a year before any other local suppliers. For example, we were the first to provide full virtual domain hosting, a fully digital fiber optic dialup pool, 56k dialup access, dialup ISDN Internet access, high- speed secure SDSL Internet access, and WebObjects hosting. We are leaders in the Canadian market in integration with UPS's real-time XML shipping system, and with real-time transaction processing through Moneris. We remain one of the few competitive (non-ILEC/cableco) facilities-based SDSL internet access providers in the country.

Quadrant Newmedia's clients include a wide variety of local, provincial, national and international clients such as the Redekop Manufacturing (web & email hosting, secure access), The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Northern Alberta Branch (hosting and secure transactions), Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (secure hosting and web applications), Gabriel Dumont Institute (online IMAP email hosting), and PotashCorp (extranet hosting and web applications). Quadrant provides service to a number SREDA and Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce members and Saskatoon success stories, including Philom Bios, Cherry Insurance, Standard Machine, Humboldt Electric, POS Pilot Plant, Northstar Business Centre, and STEP (Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership).

We have developed large web applications for diverse clients such as the HeartWorks Database Foundation (cardiac rehabilitation database and data-mining tool); BinTracker, a completely customized online ERP package for a Saskatchewan seed processing plant; BC Centre for Disease Control (PartnerNet Extranet system); Miles Fireplaces (national distributor of Miles/Valor fireplaces CMS, Dealer Extranet, Product registration databases); BARFWorld (international distributor of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for pets); and NAASM (North American Society for Sport Management Conference Abstract Management System).

Quadrant Newmedia has an excellent view of the future of the industry, as we hold a seat on the Board of Directors of CAIP (the Canadian Association of Internet Providers). CAIP represents over 95% of the Internet users in Canada, and interacts with Industry Canada, the CRTC, the media, and international regulatory bodies to help shape the future of the Internet in Canada, with respect to issues such as ecommerce/security, intellectual property and privacy. Quadrant has been interviewed by CBC Radio in relation to a proposed regulatory bill, quoted in the National Post on several occasions, and has testified before the CRTC with respect to a proposed Internet intellectual property tariff.

Quadrant's solid information technology background, diversified client base, and participation in national regulatory bodies provides a significant competitive advantage, and allows us to deliver the highest quality products to our clients.

key points

:: Employee-owned, 16+ years of success

:: We own and operate our own network and servers; no services are outsourced

:: We build custom solutions to meet your requirements.

   contact quadrant

Saskatoon: 306-664-9100
Calgary: 403-229-3111
Edmonton: 780-432-6733

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